Note : Please take backup before running orion tool. it will delete your all data on that disk. so please make sure you take the backup first.

Step 1. Download the orion tool from the following site


Download orion_linux_x86-64.gz

Step 2. Unzip orion_linux_x86-64.gz

#gunzip orion_linux_x86-64.gz

Step 3. Give the executable permission to the binary

#chmod 755 orion_x86-64

Step 4. make the file having name db1orion

#vim db1orion

add /dev/sdx1     [where sdx1] is the new volume added for testing

use add volume to linux guide for adding new volume

Make note that the volume [sdx1] gets formatted once we run this tool on the volume

Save the blank file

Step 5. Run the benchmark using the following command

./orion_linux_x86-64 -testname db1orion -run oltp -simulate concat -write 100

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