Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services of 2012

Everybody seems to be talking about the cloud lately. Especially in regards to online storage, new providers are appearing on a daily basis, often offering ridiculous amounts of free storage. The more the price per gigabyte decreases, the stiffer the competition gets and the cheaper we as the consumer get our precious cloud storage — in quantities that would have cost hundreds of dollars a couple of years back.

But all online storage services have something in common: they’re not entirely free. Rather, they follow the ‘freemium‘ business model, where the majority uses the free version of the service while a tiny fraction upgrades to the paid plans available in exchange for more storage, more speed etc. The main difference between services, then, is the amount storage space that they offer of the free side of things. Starting from 1GB and going all the way up to 50GB there are plenty of options to choose from, and which provider is the best for you really depends on your individual preference.

In this article we’ll focus on 10 free cloud storage services that allow you store files in the cloud; it doesn’t matter if it’s for your online portfolio, backup, sharing files with friends and family, or just to keep your bookmarks in sync.

The candidates

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • SugarSync
  • Microsoft SkyDrive
  • ADrive
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Mozy
  • Bitcasa
  • SpiderOak

Certainly, there are more services out there, but those listed are the ones that have been around for a while and are unlikely to suddenly disappear. Keep in mind, for the majority of these service you can also find an in-depth review here on

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