Using A File As A Storage Device

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We all know that file stores our information in many types of formats. But do you know that  we can use it as a storage device too. Surprised???? Let’s go through the crazy process 😀

We are going to create a empty file in Linux, format it and then mount it as if we are mounting a partition.  This process is long , So to understand it easily I am dividing it into 4 steps.

Step 1 : Create an empty file of desired size (200MB in this case) using the command

dd if=/dev/zero of=/filename bs=1M count=200

Explanation : dd command allows us to copy a file with specified number of bytes. Here if means input file, of means output file, bs is block size in bytes. You can use suffixes like K (for Kilobytes), M (for Megabytes), and G (for Gigabytes) . Note: If you are using Mac OS…

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Hi All, I like to spend time on black and white screen with linux. I love to learn new things in linux specially in virtualization. Currently I am working on OpenStack like to dig deep.

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