GPT partition is installed on the PC, linux can not boot solution

Hard disk before loading the mac os, is converted to GPT install centos 5.3 Prompt:

Your boot partition is on a disk using the GPT partitioning Scheme but this machines cannot boot using GPT.

Linux live CD, recommended slax on usb disk, start the system after the implementation of:

View the device name of the hard disk:


Assumption is / dev / sdb


select / dev / sdb

mklabel msdos


Or run
parted-s / dev / sdb mklabel msdos

Then it can be installed properly.
Parted-s / dev / sdc print can be used to view the partition

To add some knowledge:
At present, we can come into contact with the majority of pc is still using the BIOS + MBR combination of the last century, inherited. BIOS, Basic Input Output System (Basic for the Input-Output System) is an interface between the software and hardware, it can be seen as a translator between the Chinese and English, although the two are completely different, but to let everyone know the BIOS location, the BIOS is usually written in a ROM chip is connected to the motherboard, of course, also directly write Northbridge, but quite rare. BIOS is almost entirely written in assembly language, largely determines the performance and stability of the motherboard.
MBR, the master boot record (Master Boot Record), which is our common partition, but very few end-users outside the administrator know that it exists MBR partition standard determines the MBR only supports 2TB following (more than 2TB can only four partition table entries created in the management 2TB) hard disk for more partitions need secondary structure – extended partition. The extended partition can again be divided into one or more logical disk is a disk other than the C drive in the ordinary case, or that part other than the first partition, C drive where Windows in some cases may be a logical partition.
EFI, Extensible Firmware Interface (Extensible Firmware Interface), an alternative proposed by Intel (Intel) BIOS upgrade program. EFI’s position is very special, it is not like the BIOS as their own firmware interface, the EFI is just an interface between operating systems and platform firmware, I feel like the relationship between the company, CEO, CEO secretary by The CEO (operating system) under mandate, CEO Secretary (EFI) is responsible for task allocation to various departments of the company manager (platform firmware), the task of managers again sent to a specific group (all types of hardware) to complete.
GPT, globally unique identifier for the disk partition table (GUID Partition Table), the GUID, Globally Unique Identifier (Globally Unique Identifier). GUID partition table (GPT) is part of the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) program introduced. Of course, you can also use the GPT partition in the BIOS of the PC, although the GPT from to EFI Plan, but does not depend on the EFI. GPT relative to the previous PC widespread use master boot record (MBR) partitioning scheme more flexible. For example, may exceed the limit of four, of the MBR partition table entries the GPT specification of the number of partitions is almost no limit to the 128, can be found online is actually a Windows system (Windows) support GPT make restrictions . GPT disk size of manageable than the MBR 2TB (1TB = 1024GB) 18EB (1EB = 1024TB). MBR partition scheme operating system boot is on the disk the beginning (first sector) MBR (the MBR is the master boot record, instead of the Master Boot Record partition scheme, both of the same name. The guess is that in order to distinguish between the GPT partitioning scheme, using the name of MBR master boot record boot to name such a partitioning scheme, I can not find out the exact information Masaaki my guess is correct, only efforts to distinguish between.) . Important information (such as the partition information, directories, etc.) on a sector of the MBR partitioning scheme, while GPT this information on the partition, Intel explanation is more clear and more secure. GPT partition in order to protect themselves under the MBR program is not subject to hazards of disk management software, the best starting position of the disk (the first sector) to establish a protected partition (Protective MBR), this partition type identification 0xEE. Apple (Mac OS X) protected partition size is 200MB, the partition the Window NT Disk Manager name called GPT protected partition. This partition allows GPT disk management software does not recognize the GPT disk as the partition of an unknown format, rather than the error as a non-partitioned disk.

MS-DOS partition table format can not be in a greater than 2TB equipment use. To support greater than 2TB
Equipment, GPT partition table format must be used, and must use the * parted * utilities to create and manage the GPT partition.

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