Things to do with an old computer

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Motho ke motho ka botho

In all the time I’ve been pitching old computers as viable machines, I’ve never taken up the issue of what you can actually do with an old computer.

There are two reasons for that. First, it’s been beaten to death. Every blog in every corner of every Web page has a list of wacky ideas for old computers. Hamster cages. Barbecue grills. Bird nesting boxes. Kitchen clocks. You name it. Search for “old computer” on Ixquick and you get a frothy mess of blogs and know-it-all Web sites giving you ideas.

Second, it’s not my goal to give you ideas for an ancillary machine. It’s my goal to keep you from buying a new computer in the first place, because your old one can do the job just as well, you just have to be open minded about it. 😉 So really, I don’t want you to look for…

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