How to configure NAT in Windows 2003 Server

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Today we’ll learn how to customize and publish the users of our network in the internet, technology NAT.

NAT (from the English. Network Address Translation – «NAT”) – a mechanism in networks TCP / IP, which an IP-address transit packets. Also known as IP Masquerading, Network Masquerading and Native Address Translation.

NAT address translation method can be performed in almost any routing device – routers, access servers, firewalls. The essence of the mechanism is to replace the back (source) addresses when a packet to one side and the reverse change the destination (destination) in the response packet. Along with the addresses of source / destination can also be replaced with the number of ports source / destination.

In order to act as a router, a server must have two network interfaces. Internet and the network itself to be let into the Internet. Suppose that our network connections are called INTERNET and ADMIN.

In Windows 2003 has the Routing and Remote Access. Routing and Remote access. It must run in the manager server management.

After this, open the Routing and Remote access point to the left and look for the “NAT / Basic firewall”. Rightwards interfaces, now they are not, so we will add our admin and internet.

Как настроить NAT в Windows 2003 Server   1 300x194

Once we have added them appear in the list on the right, as shown. Then we need to configure IP addresses and masks, which will be carried out and the whole mess.

Как настроить NAT в Windows 2003 Server   2 300x189

We start setting. Right-click on the mouse interface internet and go to its settings (prefences).

Как настроить NAT в Windows 2003 Server   3 249x300

In the opened window, we will see a tab. We need one “Address Pool”. Open, as shown above. In the list while it is not, we will add our external IP address and mask. – this is our IP on the Internet.

Как настроить NAT в Windows 2003 Server   4 300x170

With this done, you now need to decide which IP addresses can connect to the Internet through our server. To do this, we will reserve one IP address. Go back to the menu and click the button Prefences Peserve Apresses. We see a window, in which you can back up.

Как настроить NAT в Windows 2003 Server   5 300x235

Click Add and write our address.

Как настроить NAT в Windows 2003 Server   6 300x206

That reservation. – This is the address the user who can access a network through our server. – This is the external IP of our server on the Internet.

To go online using this technology you will have the IP address of There are different ways to configure, you can back up each machine individually address. In the reservation, you can specify more than one or a range of addresses or not indicate at all, then any IP on the local network will be able to sit on the Internet through the server.

To configure NAT on the client machine, you need to specify the connection settings in the gateway IP address of the server.

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