How To Share Local Drives and Folders with a Guest OS in VMWare Workstation


VMware Workstation provides an important facility to share local drives and folders of Host OS with Guest OS so that your virtual machine can easily access data from you Host OS/PC. This saves a lot of time.  To share drives and folders, you must have the most recent version of VMware Tools installed in the Guest OS.  Lets have a look we are going to add folder/drive in Virtual Machine Control Panel. Here, I am demonstrating to share/map my Download folder from host to Windows 8  Guest VM.

Select Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation>>Click on VM Option>>Choose Setting

(Ctrl+D is shortcut keys to launch settings)

Then Select Option Tab>>Click Always Enable if you want permanently share the drive into Guest OS or can choose Enable until Power Off/Suspend for temporary availability.>>Click Add

Sharing Wizard will popup Click Next>>

Browse and Select the drive/folder what you want inside your Guest OS. 

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