Using WEBMIN to create Forward/Reverse ZONE in BIND / UBUNTU

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For some people , installing and configuring BIND for local network using CLI can be a typical task. However it can be done easily in few steps via using GUI base controller known as WEBMIN which is a very nice and powerful GUI to manage  almost every service of your Linux box via your browser.

In this article we will discuss following topics.

1# Install WEBMIN (Using 2 different methods)
2# Install BIND (Using WEBMIN)
3# Create Forward Zone for our domain
4# Create Reverse Zones for our domain
5# Test Zones via nslookup
6# DNS configuration files

1# Install WEBMIN Using DKPKG

First we need to install webmin. you can either download it from webmin site and install it by issuing following commands.

You should now be able to login to Webmin via your browser using the URL


IF the above method fails to…

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